Conference Season 2015

With Spring on its way into Summer so does approach the conference season. The 2015 season promises to be busier than ever, so busy in fact that Mac Admins are having to make decisions on which conferences to skip this year because there’s so many to choose from. Exception to the rule is probably WWDC, for which one needs to have won the ticket lottery to attend. If you entered and won a ticket, I sure hope you intend on going. For those not so lucky there’s plenty of other events to meet up with fellow Mac Admins and discuss all the wonderful surprises Apple has in store for future hardware and software releases.

Some of the highlights:

ACEs Conference, New Orleans, LA - May 20-21
WWDC 2015, San Francisco, CA - June 8-12
MacDeployment 2015, Calgary, AB - June 18 Mac Devops YVR, Vancouver, BC - June 19 Penn State Mac Admins Conference, State College, PA - July 7-10
MacIT Conference, Santa Clara, CA - July 14-16
Mac SysAdmin 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden - September 29 - October 2
JAMF Nation User Conference, Minneapolis, MN - October 13-15
MacTech Conference, Los Angeles, CA - November 4-6

I’m fortunate enough to be speaking at two of these events, namely the Penn State Mac Admins Conference and Mac Sysadmin 2015. I have two talks lined up for PSU and one for Mac Sysadmin:

Free your NetBoot server with BSDPy - Penn State Mac Admins
Connect the dots with Docker - Penn State Mac Admins (Joint session with Nick McSpadden)
Practical Docker for Mac Sysadmins - Mac Sysadmin 2015

I hope to see some of you this summer at one of these events. Even if you can’t make it to State College or Gothenburg I hope you’ll consider some of the other events as they’re all great ways to meet some of your fellow Mac Admins and Learn New Stuff!</p>