Quick post: Calendar Spam


Since iCloud calendar spam suddenly appears to be a thing and a bunch of folks both asked me about it and offered possible solutions I whipped up a quick infographic on how to deal with it, or at least how to make it less annoying by being able to filter it.

What’s this anyway?

By default iCloud automatically adds calendar invites to a user’s pending events list, generally a good thing if someone wants to genuinely invite you to a meeting or some other event. As with anything else that involves computers, someone figured out that this would also make a fine way to advertise their knock-off watches, sunglasses and other merchandise by mass-sending calendar invites that include links of varying degrees of ill repute.

Just stop.

Agreed. So to wrap up other more long-winded explanations on how to do this I whipped out trusty Preview.app (in keeping with my stdlib or GTFO credo) and put together the following Twitter-friendly graphical how-to.

Calendar spam infographic