Auto-this and Auto-that

Inspired by recent Auto-events I decided I was tired of having to manually roll hardware-specific NetBoot images, such as we’ve had to do recently for both Mountain Lion and Mavericks releases. It took me a while to spelunk into the innards of System Image Utility and its related frameworks and tools but I feel that I was able to write up something half-decent for it.

With that said, please take a look at, the latest member of the Auto-family. There’s no fancy GUI, but that’s the point here - integration into your workflow. There’s some first version caveats such as the NBI modification method being pretty basic in that it currently will replace or add only one folder since that is what I needed to be able to do for my needs. I have some additional code in the works that will let AutoNBI ingest a plist file with more complex add and remove configurations, but for now this’ll have to do.

Try it out, let me know what you think. Link to the Bitbucket project page is here and the Readme follows below:

A tool to automate (or not) the building and customization of Apple NetBoot NBI bundles.


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This tool aids in the creation of Apple NetBoot Image (NBI) bundles. It can run either in interactive mode by passing it a folder, installer application or DMG or automatically, integrated into a larger workflow.

Command line options:

The build root is where the resulting NBI bundle and temporary build files are written. If the optional -folder arguments is given an identically named folder must be placed in the build root:

*./AutoNBI -d /Users/admin/BuildRoot -folder Packages* -> Causes AutoNBI to look for **/Users/admin/BuildRoot/Packages**


To invoke AutoNBI in interactive mode: sudo ./AutoNBI -s /Applications -d /Users/admin/BuildRoot -n Mavericks

To invoke AutoNBI in automatic mode: sudo ./AutoNBI -s ~/InstallESD.dmg -d /Users/admin/BuildRoot -n Mavericks -a

To replace “Packages” on the NBI boot volume with a custom version: sudo ./AutoNBI -s ~/InstallESD.dmg -d ~/BuildRoot -n Mavericks -f Packages -a